No Silver Bullet

For people who want to create better software.

Helping companies generate more business value by creating software faster, cheaper, and with higher quality.

The No Silver Bullet podcast is about learning what do companies do in order to produce more value to their customer. What do companies do to build software faster, cheaper, and at a higher quality?

In each episode we'll talk with a guest learning what do they do to achieve this. We'll hear the problems they have encountered, the failures they suffered and the success they had on the road. We will uncover all the secrets that makes them a great team or a great company.

We'll talk about subject such as Testing, Test Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Virtualization, Cloud, Configuration Management, Deployment Circles. Project Management such as Agile and Waterfall. A/B Testing, Monitoring and Alerting, SQL, NoSQL, Devops, Data Science, Education, and finally, but probably most importantly: People and Culture.


Upcoming episodes

A number of people have alread agreed to come on the show. We'll record the espisodes as we can find time with each one of them. You can check out the list and you can even ask our guests!