Ask our guests!

We have plenty of question to ask our guests, but we can only guess what would you like to hear about. For this reason we would like to hear from you who would you like to have on our show and what would you like to ask them?

Once a guest agrees to come on the show we post some information about them here so you can ask question specific to that guest. We are always planning a number of episodes ahead and due to scheduling issues we cannot guarantee when will each guest be on the show nor in which order we are going to talk to them. So send your questions ASAP.

The best way is to send an e-mail to Gabor Szabo <> with an appropriate subject.

Upcoming Guests

Gilly Dekel Product Manager - Mobile Development on Bluemix at IBM and blogger.

Moritz Lenz Software Architect and Principal Engineer at noris network AG, blogger, and author of Automating Software Deployment, A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery and Perl 6 by Example.

Yan Vugenfirer Virtualization expert, CEO of Daynix Computing providing RnD services for virtualization and cloud-related technologies.

Noga Horowitz Development Team Lead of the Bioinformation team at Evogene