#0 - Welcome to the No Silver Bullet podcast

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Welcome to my new podcast. The No Silver Bullet podcast.

You can subscribe to it using your favorite podcast listener using the RSS feed: https://sb.szabgab.com/podcast/rss

A little history

A long-long time ago I run a little research and wrote a few blog-posts analyzing how some Open Source projects test themselves.

Then some time during 2016, about a year ago, I've started to think about creating a podcast where I'd have guests from various companies discussing their technique of writing and running tests. As I thought about it soon I've realized that I am interested in a much broader topic. Something about "creating high-quality software".

I also started to wonder what podcasts exist that cover these topics and I bumped into AB Testing by Alan Page and Brent Jensen. They are two long time Microsoft employees (actually Alan has left MS since then), who share their experience of more than 40 years (combined) at one of the biggest Software companies. They have an excellent show covering a lot of the topics that I am interested in, but my show is different. I am going to have a different guest at every show covering the take they have on these topics.

Another podcast I'd mention and recommend is This Agile life by a number of Agile consultants. I've heard about this on the Slack channel of the AB Testing show. There are a number of hosts on this show and on some of the episodes they also have guests. Mostly both the host and the guests are Agile consultants. Agile is certainly an subject I am planning to cover, as many of the Agile practices are relevant to the subject, but also because the word "Agile" has different meaning to different people. Project management is one of the areas that's worth exploring.